Tuesday, January 20, 2009

tOgeTher fOreVer

if we hAve a wORd tO deScriBe oUr reLAtiOn,,i wiLL be tHe fiRst oNe wHo uSiNg it...bEcOuse uNtiL nOw,,i dOn't kNow how tO mEntiOn tO aLl aBout wHo we'rE...anYwaY...i wOuLd LikE tO sAy we're aPpy sWeeT tOgetHer...jUst prAy fOr oUr hApPiness...
i rePeat oNce aGain,, sWeet...
[ sPeciaL eNtry fOr sOmeOne wHo i miSs sOoo dAmn mUch...iF u reAd tHis eNtry,,pLeaSe teLL mE,,wHat tHe sUitAbLe wOrd fOr our reLatiOnship...hUhu...]


  1. HajaR, Its Me..NInA.. HuhU.. is It iNcLude The rELation oN friENdship?, if YeS.. iT cANt be nAMe bY woRd, suPrIsiNgly, iTs AboUt inneR feEl, tHoUght anD Ur OwN bEatIfuL mind tO appReaciatE How thIs FriEndshIp means To YoU, Love Cares n HappY tO c ur fRiEnd HappY, b TherE FoR them, PraY FoR theiR suCceS N NO MattEr HoW LonG u LoST COnTAct wiTh Them, SurE u'll StiLL haVe aN telePatI bEtweEn oNe AnoTher,, n U HajR, sUcH aGooD fRiEnD Of MinE wHeRE i ReaLLy TreaSuRe tHe fRiEnDshiP wiTh u.. thanX FoR BeinG suCh GoOd fReN Of Mine...

  2. i aLways pRay fOr yOu,cOz u r my swEety beAuty + cUte fWens of me..huhu..eVen yOu r fAr aWay frOm me,,i aLways rEmembEr,,u stiLL mY fWens eVer..