Friday, January 30, 2009

~~jUst rEmeMber tHis~~

oNce u fEeL LikE eVeryOne bLame u
onLy tHiNk tHat i wiLL aLwaYs hEre
aLwaYs sTay'd bEsiDes u

oNce i heAred u cRyiNg
i'LL tRy to mAke u aPpy
sMiLe LikE sUn
LauGh LikE nOthiNg wRoNg

beCouse of wHat....
beCouse i LovE u gUy

Thursday, January 22, 2009


i'll try to live without yearn our memories
without remember all the happiness n sadness

i'll try to sleep without thinking about us
thinking about who we're,,yesterday n now
but i can't done it

n now i find the reason why i can't done!!
BECAUSE frens never die till d' end of life

[fOr aLL oF my beLoved fWens : sUe,niNa,pAdiL,dEwi,zUrai,iJat,nEysa,hUda,miZa,aiN,iZati n aLL of yOu...]
Once i fOrget aBout yOu aLL gUys
i'LL pUnish myseLf
OncE i fOrget aBout wHo i'am
i'LL puNish yOu gUys bCoz Let mE gOing oN
tHe onLy tHing i aSk of gOd
mAke me Love yOu aLL guys
fOreVer n eVer
n i'LL aLways pRay fOr yOur sUcceSs n hapPinEss


come from the BEAUTY

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


tadi happy.tetiba jadi geram pulak.penat tunggu dari pagi,,petang n sekarang (malam),,tetiba dapat tahu dia nga t**o.huhu.marah ni.kata ada planning malam ni nak g cc.wat keje lain pulak dia.bila lagi nak g update blog.penat dah tggu ni.esok dah keje.mana sempat.geramm.oleh kerana kamu bersalah.kamu didenda.package makan,,shopping,,n transport holiday nanti,,kamu tanggung.huhuhu.simple kan.denda tetap excuse.oraittt.
[takde ar geram cangat pon.saja buat alasan mintak belanja.wakakaka.semua pembaca entry ini menjadi saksi kamu kena belanja kite.yey.]
mood bertukar : happy,,cronok buLi orang.

tOgeTher fOreVer

if we hAve a wORd tO deScriBe oUr reLAtiOn,,i wiLL be tHe fiRst oNe wHo uSiNg it...bEcOuse uNtiL nOw,,i dOn't kNow how tO mEntiOn tO aLl aBout wHo we'rE...anYwaY...i wOuLd LikE tO sAy we're aPpy sWeeT tOgetHer...jUst prAy fOr oUr hApPiness...
i rePeat oNce aGain,, sWeet...
[ sPeciaL eNtry fOr sOmeOne wHo i miSs sOoo dAmn mUch...iF u reAd tHis eNtry,,pLeaSe teLL mE,,wHat tHe sUitAbLe wOrd fOr our reLatiOnship...hUhu...]

--tiLL d' eNd--

dear GOD,,
the onLy thing i ask of you is to hoLd him when i'm not around,,
when i much thousand miles away...
we all need that person who can be true to you...
but i left him when i found him,,

and now,,
i wish i'd stayed till the end....

Sunday, January 18, 2009


at the moment our LOVE being test

i choose the only one way

QUITE and keep silent

longing in my heart

you come and bring ANTIDOTE

drug my heart pain

DEFENCE our truly love

to come and reach for me

smile, cause i like you

yearn, cause i love you

hopes can be WITH YOU

rescuing yourself

FOREVER in my life
[spEciaL fOr sOme1 wHo aRe iNspiRed mE eVerytiMe...]

sAjer2 tuLis

post kali ini hanya sekadar ingin mengingat kembali apa yang pernah berlaku

[12 September 2008]
hati aku begitu sakit dengan apa yang telah 'A' lakukan pada aku...aku terdiam saat perkataan2 itu terkeluar dari mulut dia...aku seperti tidak kenal lagi 'A' di mata aku...yang jelas waktu itu,, aku benci pada dia...hati aku penuh dengan kebencian saat itu...sahabat yang aku anggap seperti abang aku sendiri mengeluarkan perkataan yang cukup memeritkan...aku memilih untuk menyepikan diri...walupun beribu kali 'A' mengucapkan maaf,,aku tetap membisu...bukan niat aku untuk membenci...tetapi aku sudah tidak punya hati lagi untuk berhadapan dengan orang yang pernah mengeluarkan kata2 kesat pada aku...

[12 Sept. hingga sekarang]
seperti biasa,,aku mendiamkan diri...setiap panggilan dan mesej dari dia,,aku langsung tak endahkan...aku menganggap dia sudah tidak wujud lagi...sejak peristiwa itu,,aku sering kali menerima panggilan dan mesej dari insan yang tidak dikenali...tapi aku pasti,, itu adalah 'A'...begitu indah lakonan 'A'...tapi 'A' tak mampu menjadi pelakon yang terbaik...aku tidak pernah terpedaya dengan lakonan2 itu...bagi aku,,taktik itu sudah lapuk...lakonan 'A' yang semakin menjadi2,,membuat aku semakin meluat dengat dia...

atas nasihat beberapa orang sahabat aku,,aku memaafkan dia...betul kata mereka...semakin kita membenci seseorang,,semakin dekat orang itu dengan kita...lantas,,aku mengambil satu jalan,,memaafkan 'A'...tetapi itu bukan bermakna aku ingin seperti dulu dengannya...aku tidak mahu ada kaitan lagsung dengan 'A'...bagi aku, 'A' dah tidak wujud lagi...hati aku semakin tenang...'A' berjaya aku lenyapkan dari kamus hidupku...setiap mesej yang penuh dengan lakonan itu,,langsung tidak aku endahkan...aku sudah lali dengan semua itu...pengalaman yang lepas mengajar aku untuk tidak mengulanginya lagi...

suatu malam,,aku menerima mesej dari saudara 'A'...dia memberitahu aku bahawa 'A' telah meninggalkan kita untuk selamanya...begitu payah untuk aku terima hakikat itu...bukan kerana aku sedih di atas kehilangannya,tapi kerana aku langsung tidak percaya akan perkhabaran itu...jauh di dalam benak hati aku sekalipun,,langsung aku tidak percaya...mana mungkin orang yang sudah pergi menghadap iLahi,,bisa lagi menghantar mesej dan membuat beribu panggilan pada aku...hati aku sekali lagi berjaya lari dari perangkap tipu helah 'A'...

[17 January 2009]
aku terima mesej daripada 'R'...dia memberitahu aku bahawa 'A' akan berangkat pulang ke Tawau hari ini...bagi aku,,biarlah dia pergi...aku tidak lagi simpan perasaan benci padanya...biarlah aku dengan hidup aku,,dan 'A' dengan hidup dia...aku senang begini...
mereka tidak faham akan hati aku...aku tidak mahu ada kaitan dengan 'A'...inilah diri aku,,seorang yang begitu sensitif dengan dunia yang penuh dengan kepura2an...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

biLa kenAngan iTu aKAn keMbaLi

aku rindu pada sang bayu yang bertiup
menemani setiap malamku
aku rindu pada sang bulan yang bersinar
menerangi jalan kelamku

bisakah waktu itu kembali
membawa kenangan
yang tak bisa aku leraikan

sampai bila harus begini
menanti dan terus menanti
kerna aku tidak bisa menghargai
saat yang berlalu pergi

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Your Friendship Style is Empathetic
You deeply care about each person you're friends with. For you, friendship is all about the personal connection.
You tend to know everything about your friends' lives... and they know everything about yours. Your friends are your confidants.

You are always there for your friends. You celebrate their successes and support them in their times of need.
You are as loyal as they come. And you expect the same loyalty and understanding from your friends in return.

You and another Empathetic Friend: Have a amazing friendship, when it works. You care for each other deeply, but you often end up with hurt feelings and drama.

You and a Gregarious Friend: May have a bit of a one sided friendship. You adore your Social Friend, but you sometimes feel a bit neglected.

You and an Independent Friend: Struggle a bit. You are very interested in your Independent Friend's life, but your friend often needs more space.

You and a Philosophical Friend: Respect one another. You love to learn about your Philosophical Friend's brilliant ideas.

BRIGHT EYES-cOntRast n cOmpAre

between the busy ones
and the ones that don't care
until there is no one
that you really know
so,I drift through this days
of appoinments and promises made
they wil all end up broken
and quickly replace

weeks are slow, days drag on
even practice and parties seem long
but I found myself going
I guess there's nothing to do
oh well
group of kids,line of cars
more will show up after the bars close
there's the boredom that drowns everthing
bottles break, music plays
conservation competing for space
I look for a corner or a quieter room

there's no heat in this house
I can't breath with these word in my mouth
but i'm not going to say them
yeah,I've made that mistake before
on the stairs, she grabs my arm
says "what's up,where you been is something wrong?"
I try to just smile and say, "eerything is fine"

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

no money???but stiLL want to gO around the worLd???i hAve a bEst soLutiOn...

'Drive_in Mini World Theme Park'!!!look like so wonderful when i heared about the Tropical Village, Ayer Hitam...The place is about one and a half hours from Johor's located at the strategic places, only about five minutes after the Machap Toll Station on the one side...In the only 15 hectars land,,we can go around the world...imagine it!!!There are two towering 12 metre traditional kuda kepang,, te tallest in the country...Inside the park,, we will venture a picturesque three-acre azure lake borded by lush greenery,, paddle boats and intricate figurinewith a striking red bridge running across its crystal water...In the other side,, there are also 30 famous landmark in the world...Pyramids & Sphinx or Egypt,, Taj Mahal of India,, Eiffel Tower of Paris,, Olmer,, Head of Mexico,, Great of Wall China,, Atomium of Belgium,, Towers of Kuwait,, Leaning Towers of Pisa,, US' Statue of Liberty...Besides that,, there are also local milestones like A'Famosa,, endemic Malaysian items such as wayang kulit,, rebana,, gasing,, tanjak,, kris,, and wau bulan...So,,let's get a fun day at Tropical Village with only RM6 per entry...

hOt???let's cOoL it dOwn...

What better way to cool down a hot Summer’s day, than with a fresh shake, juices and smoothies. There are many great flavours to choose such as vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, banana, apple and any other.
Let’s enjoy the hot day with the fresh cold drink with your family and friends. Make your day happy with colourful juices and milkshake. Besides the delicious taste in the drink, we also can release our stress.
Let’s enjoy it.

tOday nEw

Israel shells southern Lebanon after rocket attack
Buzz Up

By SAM GHATTAS, Associated Press Writer Sam Ghattas, Associated Press Writer – Wed Jan 14, 2:49 am ET

BEIRUT, Lebanon – Lebanese security officials say the Israeli army has fired eight shells at southern Lebanon after rockets were fired into northern Israel.
This is the second such cross-border exchange since Israel launched an offensive in Gaza on its southern flank on Dec. 27, and it threatens to ignite a second front in the north.
The area has been largely quiet since the 2006 Lebanon-Hezbollah war.
The Lebanese officials say several rockets were fired Wednesday and at least one fell short inside Lebanon. Israeli police say the militants' rockets caused no injuries or damage, but residents were told to head to bomb shelters.
The Lebanese officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not allowed to speak to the press.
THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP's earlier story is below.
JERUSALEM (AP) — Police say three rockets fired from Lebanon have landed in northern Israel.
Police say the rockets landed in open areas near the town of Kiryat Shemona on Wednesday and there were no reports of damage or injuries. People in northern Israel were asked to head to bomb shelters.
Israeli officials have expressed concern that militants in Lebanon could try to open a second front in solidarity with Gaza's Hamas rulers against Israel's 19-day offensive against the militant group.
Four rockets were fired on northern Israel last Thursday. Lebanon's Hezbollah guerrilla group denied responsibility and speculation focused on small Palestinian groups in Lebanon.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

::.GrEen or aPpLe.::

what the link between green and apple??..
when we combine the word,,we get green apple...
what the different between green apple and apple green??...
we get one colour,,and one food...
all the things that are related to 'green and apple' will make me crazy...[huhu]

i'am apple green...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

DuNia kiTa bErbEza

kita punya hati untuk menyayangi...kita juga punya hati untuk merindui...namun,,kita tidak punya hati untuk memiliki...kita hanya punya ruang untuk menghargai...lumrah kehidupan,,ada pertemuan dan ada perpisahan...semuanya sudah tertulis dalam qada'dan qadar Nya...kita perlu redha dengan ketentuan iLahi...
kita ditemukan tanpa diduga...ketika waktu mendatangkan cinta...aku memilih dirimu...setiap denyut nadiku terdengar bisikan kasihmu...setiap hela nafas,,kau kurindu...begitu payah nak ku lelapkan mata...bayanganmu sering mengganggu lenaku...aku seperti terpukau dengan cintamu...begitu indah halaman cinta yang kita bina...
namun...di suatu saat...tiba-tiba,,jantungku seakan-akan berhenti berdegup...tiada hela nafas yang dirasai...tiada denyutan nadi yang berbunyi...aku mati di situ...di satu sudut,,aku diam terpaku...bisu tanpa bicara...masihkah ada aku di situ??...aku cuba bernafas...namun aku lemah di situ...hakikat yang perlu aku telan...perlukah aku mengiringinya ke dunia itu...dunia yang jauh di sana...
mengapa??mengapa aku dibiarkan sendirian...mengapa kau pergi dulu sebelum aku...aku terpaku menjadi kaku...bisikan-bisikan sekelilingku tidak langsung masuk ke dalam fikiranku...hanya bayanganmu yang ada di sini...aku mencari seribu jawapan disebalik seribu persoalan...mengapa kau tinggalkan aku di saat aku memerlukan dirimu...
kini aku kesepian...kita berda di dunia yang berbezaa...inilah ktentuan..aku bangkit dari kegelapan...kegelapan yang aku sendri bina...aku bawa bayanganmu mengiringi perjalanan hidupku...walaupun payah untuk aku teruskan kehidupan ini,,aku gagahkan jua...

kErNa ku sAyaNg kAMu


kau ada di sini denganku

mungkinku tak sendiri

bayanganmu yang selalu menemaniku

hiasi malam sepiku

ku ingin bersama dirimu

tak akan pernah

berpaling darimu

walau kini

kau jauh dariku

kau selalu ku nanti

kerna ku sayang kamu

hati ini

selalu memanggil namamu

degarlah melatiku

ku berjanji

hanyalah untukmu cintaku

tak akan pernah ada yang lain

adakah rindu di hatimu

seperti rindu yang ku rasa

sanggupkah ku terus terlena

tanpamu di sisi

ku kan selalu menantimu

Saturday, January 10, 2009

FiRst wOrd...

embun pagi menyapa tubuhku
tertusuk nafas dalam tenang
aku bangkit menjadi aku
luka dilautan usah dikenang

::.bukan niat ku untuk membenci kamu
bukan salahku membuang kamu dari kamus hidupku
aku manusia biasa...
tidak lari dari membuat prasangka
pernahkah engkau terfikir
salahkah kamu menyakitiku
pernahkah terdetik di hatimu
salahkah kamu mengguris hati kecilku.::
::.aku bukan boneka untuk diperalatkan
aku bukan patung untuk dipermainkan
aku manusia biasa...
punya hati dan setitik rasa
aku tidak pernah menyimpan dendam
apatah lagi ingin bermusuh
aku tidak mahu mengingati,,
apatah lagi mendekati,,
insan-insan yang melukai hatiku...
aku tidak mahu menjadi pelakon
berpura-pura disebalik diri aku sendiri
aku tidak mahu memperdagangkan persahabatan itu.::
::.biarlah aku meyendiri di sini
senyap tanpa berita
aku senang begini
melupakan kisah silam itu
bangkit dengan ceritera baru
aku inginkan kedamaian
fahamilah aku.::