Thursday, January 22, 2009


i'll try to live without yearn our memories
without remember all the happiness n sadness

i'll try to sleep without thinking about us
thinking about who we're,,yesterday n now
but i can't done it

n now i find the reason why i can't done!!
BECAUSE frens never die till d' end of life

[fOr aLL oF my beLoved fWens : sUe,niNa,pAdiL,dEwi,zUrai,iJat,nEysa,hUda,miZa,aiN,iZati n aLL of yOu...]
Once i fOrget aBout yOu aLL gUys
i'LL pUnish myseLf
OncE i fOrget aBout wHo i'am
i'LL puNish yOu gUys bCoz Let mE gOing oN
tHe onLy tHing i aSk of gOd
mAke me Love yOu aLL guys
fOreVer n eVer
n i'LL aLways pRay fOr yOur sUcceSs n hapPinEss


  1. HajR,, so sweet, U MakE f3l Like CryIng Tau.. hOw LoveLy That was.. UmPh DamN misz MomeNt WhErE wE had a lOt Of tyme SpenDiNg togEthEr WiTh koranG.. ThOse PrecIous MmeorY cAnT be FoRgOtten, Never EvEr, I Just hOpE we Can HavE tHoSe Graet tyMe agAin desPitE the HeCtIc Tyme That wE arE inVOlVe in.. u suCh a Daearie friEnd,, aJa.. camAne leY wat Cam Aj nye page.. Tak Tau la.. anak msuk gamBo BeByak
    tak reti..Huhu.. PAge Kite bUrUk Jerk..Huhu.. Aja.. ThaNx aGAin 4 sUch a LoveLy speeChes

  2. stesen bus muar...kantoi..hahahahaha...