Sunday, March 1, 2009

~~The Tears Are Falling~~

my heart feels such pain,
tell me how to stop my tears.
what can i do to ease the pain?

why, has life always been so hard,
showering me with such heavy burdens.

the tears keep falling
as I lay down to sleep.
my eyes wide open,
flashes of my past,
of things i lost in my life.

as the tears fall, memories
floating around in my mind,
going back in time.
remembering al the good times
when i had it all.

the tears are falling like a summer rain,
wishing i could turn bck time.
never thinking one day,there would
be no you here besides me.

with tears falling down my face,
knowing there is nothing left
but my memories of time past,
when you were there besides me,
keeping me safe.

making all the problems seem small
as you are standing so tall.
no tears of sorrow,
only love, hope and happiness,
never thinking of tommorow.

now as my tears are falling
there is no one here to wipe them away.
just my hands of loneliness
praying, what to do.

i stared at nothing, trying to decide
where do i go from here,
which way do i turn?

the tears are falling, remembering
all the things i took for granted,
now that all is lost and gone

as i wipe the tears falling down my face,
i look up to the sky and pray.
"please God, help to show me the way.
lead me down the right path,
give me the strength to carry on.
it's so lonely here by myself
with so many things to do.
i need you to give me the faith
to see me through."

the tears have stop falling.
with God's help i'll figure out
what i need to do.
it nay not be the best,
but it the best that i can do,
living my life by myself, without you.

Ann Taylor

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