Thursday, April 9, 2009

ToO coOL tO cAre

And the princess found many knights on her way, even dressed up somehow her beauty would glow through her skin.

Those foolish games... I will never again make the princess chase her angel, It is only a reflection of what I have mistaken myself with, somebody who gave a damn...

I killed the princess without her ever getting to see her love again... her mission failed and either that or endure yet another attempt of suicide. Have you ever watched Silent Hill the movie? the part when the little girl was burnt repeated itself inside my hollow thoughts the other day...

Bow down and stare n wonder, how the Fenix is born again. The angel never was. The angel never will be. The angel got lost in another story, with another princess that jumps off a castle, the dressed up princess in the end gets captured by some errand people... in the woods. Without a single scream, she sees the truth. She was dying.

Blue day, gray day.

A once-upon-a-time-me da

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